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Absolute Males
After their show career, Absolute Studs enjoy the luxury of cruising the house in custom faux-leopard stud pants during the day. At night they retire to the guestroom quarters. After gladly contributing to the breeding program, boys are generally retired by the age of 4 so they can enjoy a domain of their own sans pants. We are especially proud of Tabasco, the son of the #ONE Aby in 2002, Ramkatz's Aphared X'Horted Son.
GC, RW Absolute Tabasco
Red, CFA # 0382-1668225
#1 Red Abyssinian Champion World-Wide 2010
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Sarafanny Miskisha of Absolute 
 CFA # 0380-02806418
GC Lyonwood Redskyatnight of Absolute
CFA # 0382-02936791