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Absolute News
2019-2020: Absolute Ellie May (RW Big Easy x GC  Regatta of Absolute) concluded her CFA kitten show career as THE #1 Aby Kitten World-wide. In addition, she also achieved the coveted title of Grand Champion.

2016-2017: Absolute Big Easy (GC RW Absolute Tabasco x GC Instincts Bahrain of Absolute) concluded the CFA Show Season as a Regional Winner, #7, as well as the #5 Abyssinian Kitten World-wide. 

2012-2013: Absolute Zatarain concluded the season as a Regional Winner, #3, as well as #7 Aby Kitten World-wide. Absolute Cafe Du Monde of Jemis became a Grand Premier (GP). In addition, Lazy O Abys Quinault (GC RW Absolute Tabasco x Laxy O Abys Kimba), also became a GP and RW, as well as the #7 Abyssinian Premier World-wide.  

2009-2010: CH RW Absolute Bordolaise and GC RW Absolute Tabasco brought bragging rights for producing FOUR RWs (Regional Winners) in the first four years of my return to breeding Abys. Also, both cats were Top Ten Breed Council Winners...Bordolaise was #4 Aby Kitten and Tabasco was #8 Aby Champion. in addition, Tabasco was also THE #1 Red Abyssinian Champion World-wide.  

Home of 7 CFA Regional Winners:
GC RW Absolute Crawdaddy (2007-2008)
GC RW Absolute Enzo (2008-2009)
GC RW Absolute Tabasco (2009-2010)
CH RW Absolute Bordolaise (2009-2010)
GC RW Absolute Zatarain (2012-2013)
CH RW Absolute Big Easy (2016-2017)
GC RW Absolute Ellie May (2019-2020)
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GC RW Absolute Ellie May
GC RW Absolute 
GC RW Absolute Tabasco